One Hundred Years

One Hundred Years is a series celebrating the unique individuals who create a community.
A hundred portraits  every age from 0- 100. Various installations will be delivered to public locations over the summer of 2021 .

Britannia Leisure Centre

All 102 portrait from the series can be seen in the brand new Britannia leisure centre, Shoreditch Park . You don’t need to book an exercise session to view the installation, its free entry for all to enjoy. This series is installed in the location for five years.

Regents Canal

Seven giants from the series , stand 3 metres high and silent , from seven stages of life, overlooking the community as you walk down the canal. The environment changes the way you view the work, this time enveloped by the  urban landscape,  the ever changing backdrop of the weather, sky, birdsong and reflections. This installation will be here till May 2022 to witness the year as we come out of isolation.

If you’d like your images to be archived in the Instagram gallery tag them as #onehundredyearsxregentscanal

Whitechapel High Street


A collaboration with the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family of JACK, JACK ARTS and DIABOLICAL will be installed at 99 Whitechapel High Street, just by Whitechapel Art Gallery and Brick lane, from August 23rd to September 3rd.

As part of part of our Your Space Or Mine art project. Bringing a portrait from each decade to the community, including an extract of their quote from the book


Shoreditch Park Surgery

Thirty Portraits from the series can be seen at Shoreditch Park Surgery, 8-10 Rushton St, London N1 5DR.

They will be displayed in the waiting room till April 2022 to help patients reflect, be inspired or distracted from themselves encouraging empathy and understanding of what others maybe going through.

The surgery is happy for non patients to visit the installation covid rules allowing just enquire at their reception.

Jenny Lewis Photography