One Hundred Years

One Hundred Years is a series celebrating the unique individuals who create a community.

A hundred portraits of every age from one to 100.

I wanted to bring this series to the community on the streets , waiting rooms and leisure centres of the borough rather than  traditional spaces for art.

Various installations will be installed over the summer of 2021 .. watch this space to see whats coming next.


Regents Canal

7  portraits chosen from the 100 Years can be seen across the canal. This time they are giants , 3 metres high and silent , seen as seven stages of life, overlooking the community as you walk down the canal. The site specific work changes not only due to the scale of the images but with the urban landscape enveloping the images, and the ever changing backdrop of the weather, sky, birdsong and reflections. This installation will be here for 12 months to witness the year as we come out of isolation.

If you’d like your images to be archived in the Instagram gallery tag them#onehundredyearsxregentscanal



Shoreditch Park Surgery

Thirty Portraits from the series can be seen at Shoreditch Park Surgery, 8-10 Rushton St, London N1 5DR.

They will be displayed in the waiting room for a year to help patients reflect, be inspired or distracted from themselves encouraging empathy and understanding of what others maybe going through.