One Day Young

The portrait series One Day Young consists of one hundred and fifty portraits, taken over five years. The women are intimately captured back in their own homes, within twenty-four hours of the birth, challenging the usual sterile hospital images that inform our collective image of this moment. These women exude strength, identity intact rather than the anonymous mother stripped of self. Instead of fear we are presented with triumph. This intimacy and transparency is a defiant statement of activism.

‘One Day Young’ by Jenny Lewis. 112pp hardcover, quarter-bound, gold foiled, 199 x 139 mm ISBN: 978-0-9576998-8-5

Hackney Studios

Hackney Studios is a series that celebrates the diverse mixture of creatives in the borough. This project celebrates the established and the unknown. Rather than work from an obvious list the subjects have control of their family tree. Each nomination selected the next, linked by a thread of mutual respect and inspiration. Established artists pick their tutors, and tutors pick their assistants without hierarchy.. integrity leading the way. This blindfolded approach is a unique selection and reflects the spirit of the artists and their community, all welcome.

‘Hackney Studios’ by Jenny Lewis. 116pp, hardcover with tip-in image, white and gold foiled, 220 x 265 mm landscape ISBN: 978-1-910566-13-8

Charlie Video
Invisible Britain

Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience reveals untold stories from people who have been left out of the media narrative and left behind by government policy. Featuring the work of award-winning and accomplished documentary photographers, the book presents people speaking in their own words to create a narrative showing how an unprecedented world of austerity, deindustrialisation and social upheaval is affecting us all.